Cargo Service

We provide our excellent cargo service with above mentioned aircraft, within south Sudan for all the addition to that we give door to door service and offer suitable storage solution for long and short term Requirements. All the time we prepare to do best civil cargo service.

  • Air Freight Forwarding
  • Ocean Freight Forwarding
  • Road Freight Forwarding
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Expedited Services
Air Freight
Ocean Freight
Road Freight
Expedited Services

Passenger Service

We Provide Schedule Passenger Flights and Passenger Charter air service within south Sudan for all the destinations, and we’ve more than 150 passengers flying every day to different domestic Destinations. Further we’ve our own office in each destination since we Prepare to provide Best service for our Passengers. And we mostly consider providing unique civil service.


The qualified team of KUSH AIR provides a high level of service to a large number of clients, scheduled flights, or charter.

As part of our commitment to innovation and providing you with the very best, we have built a reputation of introducing new aircrafts into our fleet and offer you the latest In-Flight Services.


Other Services

• pax handling
• immigration and customs assistance
• ramp handling
• transportation
• crew and passengers care
• car rental and limo services

And More

• catering
• fuel services
• supervision of ramp services
• portable water and lavatory services
• ground power, air start and air conditioning services
• baggage handling
• air scenic tour

    Welcome to KUSH AIR
    KUSH AIR is a South Sudanese scheduled carrier, operating a modern fleet of aircraft providing passenger and cargo flights, tourist and business charter flights. Established in 2010 under:
    Certificate of registration No 8291.
    KUSH AIR is South Sudanese certified air line.
    Enjoy the service offered by KUSH AIR Booking System, more convenience to passengers, different experience; no waiting and easy boarding through (implement the system very soon):
    KUSH AIR Frequent Flyer Club Earn miles and enjoy the exclusive offers we operate a membership club enabling clients to earn rewards and special offers (the system under construction).

    KUSH AIR operates up to 15 domestic flights per week. Our market share is 80 % of the domestic passenger market in South Sudan.
    Fleet maintenance is carried out by licensed, highly qualified and experienced aircraft maintenance bases.

    Focus on People
    By taking care of KUSH AIR people — our greatest asset — they will take care of our customers and our customers will come back in increasing numbers to travel on the blue and green tail. We will achieve this objective through enhanced communications, fair and progressive labor relations, state-of-the-art training, and continued improvements to employee services and facilities.

    Build our Network
    By expanding our service; domestically and later internationally, by expanding our flying, we will create profitable and sustainable growth. We will further develop cargo service, enhance sales relationships, and grow capacity by modernizing our fleet and expanding the routes to include more international destinations to link remote area with capital and major cities.

    Our Destinations

    Domestic Flights

    Our Destinations

    Domestic Flights

    Passenger Flights
    Cargo Flights
    Domestic Flights
    International Flights

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